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TRENDS is an award-winning international brand marketing agency. We boost brands through creativity and networking.


We are a media relations, influencer relations, brand content and branding agency, working with talent to provide unique solutions.


TRENDS paris is a communication agency founded with the desire to bring a fresh and demanding look at what attracts attention today and will attract it tomorrow, to make the major currents and trends of our time a strength, and an answer, to your brand issue.

We are a PR and image marketing agency working on all markets.

We help our clients define their brand issues and positioning, from the bottom up - your communication strategy and brand content - to the top down - earned media, with a focus on ROI.


TRENDS paris is much more than a traditional media relations agency. Our mission is to accompany our clients in their digital strategy by placing new media and influencers at the heart of their reputation.

We understand the importance of the relationship with traditional journalists, but we are also aware of the constant evolution of new media and the importance of integrating them into our strategies.

With a data-driven approach, we work on developing your brand content to make it more impactful and relevant, in line with your brand's values and objectives. We also specialize in influencer relations, selecting the most suitable personalities for your universe and creating relevant partnerships for your brand.

We are committed to placing earned media at the center of our strategies, using data and analytics to maximize your ROI. At TRENDS paris, we believe that our innovative approach is the key to helping your brand stand out in an ever-changing competitive environment.


From visual identity to content creation, including media buying and influencer relations, press events and press relations, we create the best conditions to highlight your brand, in its construction, its development or its repositioning.

We believe that awareness is a goal for any brand and that there is no optimization of awareness without a good vector and good content.

We assist brands in building their brand image with the objective of generating Earned Media. Expert in digital communication, our PR agency, influencer relations and content creators, brand content and strategy, located in Paris, also intervenes in national and international reputation issues.

What we do

To exploit the potential of your brand, we develop memorable strategies and help you to highlight your operations.


Press Relations Agency of the Year in France, in 2019, 2020, 2021 


Grand Prix Gold Strategies of Influence 2021


ADWEEK fastest growing agencies, 17th in the world in 2021


Bronze prize "collaborations" at the e-marketing awards 2023


Creativity + Network

We are a creative agency, we combine our network with strong ideas to boost your PR and influencer campaigns.

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Our references

We work with many global brands, start-ups and young ambitious brands from all industries. We can also work with you!


TRENDS has become a reference as shining a light on up-and-coming artists.


TRENDS Paris reinvents PR and influencer relations with a data-driven approach.


This is the agency that goes up, up, up!

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